revolv+ elevates more than just your retail displays

revolv+ was created from innovation & collaboration to elevate brands. We are a manufacture of innovative pre-fabricated wall systems and modular casework, designed and built with flexibility to meet client specifications made-ready for fast and extremely precise installations.

many options.

many solutions.

problem solved.


what we do

Our modular solutions are manufactured to offer a clean on-site installation with minimal disruption when the store is open, allowing for an enhanced customer experience.


how we do it

We make it our mission to take the guesswork out of your project by offering a complete array of professional services and expertise to compliment projects of any size and scope.


why partner

The benefits of working with our solutions go beyond just the project brief. Our unique approach to manufacturing offers retailers budget relief and flawless execution every time.


Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems

We perfected our approach, offering a sturdy pre-made wall ready to install for our clients and partners.


Our classic casework is developed with a modular approach, designed to work freestanding or within our wall systems.


Custom or specialty fixtures are engineered with your desired function and quality in mind.


Design Engineering
Prefabricated Manufacturing
Nationwide Installation Support and Distribution

Other Services Available

Project Management
Storage and Logistics
R&M Part Fulfillment
Rush Production


  1. Abbreviated Installation Schedules Saving Time & Costs
  2. On-Site Cleanup Eliminated with minimal-to-no onsite mess.
  3. Material Specification Flexibility 
  4. Preinstalled Component Reliability minimizing schedule timeline
  5. Precise Plans & Elevations Map Out Installations
  6. Ability to Reuse & Transform Existing Client Installed Systems

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